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Marchex Announces Major Security Enhancement - First Call Analytics Platform To Safely Record Phone Calls

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 15, 2015-- Marchex (NASDAQ:MCHX), a mobile advertising analytics company, today announced a major security enhancement to its industry-leading Marchex Call Analytics. For the first time, enterprises will be able to automatically redact credit card numbers from recorded phone calls in real-time. During the holiday season, consumers are expected to place more than 20 billion phone calls to businesses, with many including payment information. In 2015, 22 percent of Americans reported that they or a household member had credit card information stolen.

The patent-pending technology automatically detects and redacts spoken credit card numbers. Using voice stream pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms, the technology redacts consumer credit card information while the call recording is being processed within Marchex’s secure datacenter.

Consumers provide payment information over the phone to many types of businesses, including travel, real estate, financial services, cable television, home services and retail. “Our reservation process requires a credit card, and it is critical that our customer’s financial information is secure and confidential,” said Tom Garrett, Vice President of Marketing at YMT Vacations. “Marchex’s redacted recordings allow us to understand call center performance while safeguarding our customer data.”

The new technology is part of Marchex’s Secure Call Analytics feature set, which includes industry-leading security features for enterprises that choose to record phone calls:

  • Automatic encryption of call recordings, with configurable data retention rules
  • Restricted data access with role-based permissions
  • Caller opt-out of call recording
  • Read-only call recordings within Marchex’s web interface

For businesses that choose not to record phone calls, Marchex Call DNA provides conversational analytics without recording phone calls. This enables enterprises to understand operational performance at call centers or individual locations automatically and in real-time without any recorded audio.

Marchex data estimates that 20% - 30% of phone calls to businesses for many industry categories contain payment information. “Analyzing call recordings is an effective way for enterprises to improve operational efficiency, customer service and messaging,” said Jason Flaks, Director of Product & Engineering at Marchex. “For the first time, enterprises that accept credit card information have a secure, scalable way to do so in real-time while safeguarding consumers’ financial information.”

About Marchex

Marchex is a mobile advertising analytics company that connects online behavior to real-world, offline actions. By linking critical touchpoints in the customer journey, Marchex’s products enable a 360-degree view of marketing effectiveness. Brands and agencies utilize Marchex’s products to transform business performance.

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