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Marchex Announces Major Upgrades to Its Mobile and Call Ad Network Technology

Improvements Lead to Increased Yield to High-Quality Publishers

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun. 18, 2013-- Marchex, Inc. (NASDAQ:MCHX) announced today a major technology upgrade to its Call Marketplace for Publishers, now powered by a new API and improved algorithms. These advances also make it easier for high-quality publishers to integrate and increase their yield.

The network enhancements include:

  • Performance Based Monetization
  • Leading Call Analytics technology, which determines and scores publisher quality
  • REST API, a web design model that streamlines integration
  • Clean Call technology to detect and block spam and fraudulent calls

“We built our publisher network with a very different vision – one that focuses and rewards quality versus quantity,” said Ziad Ismail, Senior Vice President of Product & Engineering at Marchex. “We believe that high-quality publishers are being underpaid with existing solutions. Our network expansion not only bridges that gap, but also makes it much easier for new quality publishers to join.”

Last year, Marchex’s network connected more than 150 million calls to advertisers via a growing list of high-quality publishers, many of which have seen yield grow by more than 50 percent.

These publishers include more than 100 directories, desktop and mobile search, and apps. Under Marchex’s performance-based model, they are rewarded based on actual outcomes like call conversions – not click-through rates.

That means publishers get paid based on measurable, data-driven results. In turn, publishers yield significantly more through Marchex’s Pay for Call ads than through integrations with other types of advertising, such as display or click.

Advertisers are already spending more than $100 million annually with Marchex. To achieve a high conversion rate, Marchex optimizes publisher inventory by using Marchex Call Analytics technology. Marchex also provides dedicated support for each publisher, which ensures a close working relationship that ultimately increases traffic quality and publisher yield.

New publishers can join today by visiting For more information, email

About Marchex

Marchex, Inc. delivers customer calls to businesses and analyzes those calls so companies can get the most out of their mobile advertising.

Marchex supports its customers through a unique technology platform that has three primary components: (1) Call Analytics, which powers all of our advertising solutions, and allows partners to leverage data and insights that accurately measure the performance of mobile, online and offline call advertising; (2) Digital Call Marketplace, which annually connects millions of consumer calls to our advertisers from a range of mobile and online sources on a Pay For Call basis; and (3) Local Leads, a white-labeled, full-service digital advertising solution for small business resellers that drives quality phone calls and other leads to their small business advertisers. Marchex is based in Seattle.

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