Marchex Launches Major Enhancements to Industry-Leading Marchex Call DNA

May 3, 2016

New features enable marketers to accurately and securely identify which calls convert into sales and uncover actionable insights from customer conversations.

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 3, 2016-- Marchex (NASDAQ:MCHX), a mobile advertising analytics company, today announced major enhancements to Call DNA, the first and only automated solution for enterprises to fully analyze the customer experience on a phone call. The new capabilities accurately and securely identify conversations that end in a sale, reference a specific product or reveal missed sales opportunities so marketers can tune ad campaigns towards high-converting media channels and uncover actionable insights that improve sales conversion rates.

The new capabilities provide marketers a complete solution for optimizing media that results in inbound phone calls. Its visual map of a phone call, combined with highlighting key portions of conversations removes a key blind spot for marketers responsible for generating phone sales, Enterprise marketers have used Call DNA with Marchex Search Analytics to improve return on paid search advertising by more than 20%.

In addition to media optimization, enterprises can use Call DNA in new ways to improve customer experience and sales conversion rates. Built-in search identifies calls that are missed sales opportunities from common customer experience challenges such as frustrated customers and long hold times.

Call DNA’s new capabilities include:

  • Transcription and Keyword Spotting: Call DNA delivers full transcripts and keyword spotting on every phone call so marketers optimize response to callers and tune ad campaigns to drive calls with high conversion potential. The new capabilities automatically identify conversations that end in a sale, reference a specific product or reveal missed sales opportunities.
  • Highest Accuracy: Call DNA is proprietary technology built in-house by an audio and speech engineering team with experience building speech and audio solutions for Apple, Microsoft and Dolby. The technology uses voice stream pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms and is trained on millions of consumer-to-business phone calls, not on voicemails or consumer-to-consumer phone calls. Internal benchmarks show that the transcription and keyword spotting features are 20% more accurate than third-party vendor solutions.
  • Built-In Security: Unlike traditional call analytics providers that export call recordings to third-party platforms or human listeners, Marchex is the only solution built in-house for maximum accuracy and security. In addition, Marchex retains all recordings and transcripts in its secure data center and includes the ability to redact credit card numbers from recorded phone calls before a transcript is generated.

Initial users come from a wide variety of industries, including auto service, telecommunications, professional services and transportation. “Call DNA provides insights that automatically identify the value of a call to our customers,” said Melissa Sinclair, Lead Integrations Manager at Promax, an automotive marketing services company. “The flexibility of the Marchex platform enables solutions like ours to drive value at scale.”

“As the leading call analytics platform, our audio team is able to train Call DNA on literally hundreds of millions of conversations between businesses and consumers,” said Jason Flaks, Director of Product Engineering at Marchex. “Our ability to automatically identify new insights for businesses will improve as our dataset grows, and we are continually releasing enhancements to the product.”

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