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Australian Consumers Will Call Businesses From Smartphones 7 Billion Times in 2016

Marchex Releases New Mobile Consumer Data for Ad:Tech Australia

SYDNEY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar. 14, 2016-- Mobile consumers are increasingly using smartphones to connect directly with businesses, and changing the way that Australians research and purchase products and services. Independent data released today from Marchex (NASDAQ: MCHX), a mobile advertising analytics company, forecasts that Australian consumers will “click-to-call” business from smartphones more than 7 billion times in 2016 directly from search engines, Web sites, display advertising and social networks.

To understand at scale how Australian consumers purchase products and services through “click-to-call,” Marchex analysed aggregated data from more than 950,000 consumer-to-business phone calls to customers of Marchex Call Analytics. To measure sales and consumer intent from click-to-call activity, the study used Marchex Call DNA, which visually maps, scores and classifies phone calls automatically.

“Although Australians are spending an increasing amount on e-commerce, online sales account for just 4.5% of consumer purchases,” said Daniel Benton, Country Manager of ANZ. “The remaining purchases occur in the ‘real-world,’ and are increasingly influenced by digital and mobile research. A click to call is one of the most natural and common ways consumers will reach out to businesses across a variety of industries, including financial services, travel, local services, technology and retail.”

Among the findings announced today:

  • Marchex forecasts that Australian consumers will make more than 7 billion phone calls from smartphones to business in 2016, with nearly 3 billion coming directly from search engines results and advertisements.
  • Businesses are making it easy for consumers to contact them by phone. 80% of Australia’s top brands show a phone number in Google’s organic or paid results.
  • 82% of phone calls made by Australians to businesses from smartphones are rich product and service conversations. Of those conversations, more than 25% are sales or appointments, a very high conversion rate compared to a click to a Web site.
  • Unanswered phone calls, at 7%, represent missed opportunities by Australian businesses to connect with consumers interested in purchasing.

The full report can be found at:

SVP Marketing and Consumer Insights John Busby will be presenting the data at ad:tech Australia on Tuesday, March 15th at 11:45am at the Hilton Sydney during a session entitled “Connecting digital advertising to offline purchases.” In addition, Country Manager ANZ Daniel Benton will be speaking on “The New Consumer Path to Purchase: Using Conversational Analytics and Click-to-Call” at 1:50pm on Wednesday, March 16th. Marchex is located at Booth #11 during the conference.

About Marchex

Marchex is a mobile advertising analytics company that connects online behaviour to real-world, offline actions. By linking critical touchpoints in the customer journey, Marchex’s products enable a 360-degree view of marketing effectiveness. Brands and agencies utilize Marchex’s products to transform business performance.

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