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Marchex Announces First Local Search Mobile Application Fully
Supported by Digital Call Advertising

At 2011 AdTech conference, company unveils unique application combining free voice, directory assistance, text and web search for any Android user to easily find the local information they need

SEATTLE, Nov 08, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

Today, Marchex (NASDAQ: MCHX) announced the availability of the first of its kind mobile application that integrates multiple local search capabilities into a single application. The Marchex Free411 mobile application is supported by the company's Digital Call Advertising platform, which connects consumers to advertisers through phone calls.

Marchex will be showcasing this application at the 2011 AdTech Conference in New York starting today. The Free411 application allows consumers to find local information using voice, free automated directory assistance, text or mobile web search. The Free411 mobile application contains key benefits and some unique features that allow consumers more flexibility and freedom:

  • Location-based GPS to find information where you are when you need it.
  • One-touch calling from your search results.
  • High-quality and detailed maps and directions to get you where you need to go.
  • Sharing capabilities via text, email and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • These capabilities are available from four input capabilities: voice search, mobile web search, text and using the navigation within the mobile application.

"Marchex recognizes that consumers are using smart phones to connect to businesses through a variety of channels - including mobile apps. To help drive these connections, we are providing a faster way for consumers to reach businesses, a more effective way for advertisers to receive phone calls from prospective customers with a higher intent to buy and a unique way for mobile carriers to leverage a new monetization opportunity," said Rod Diefendorf, Senior Vice President of Mobile and Consumer Applications at Marchex.

Digital Call Advertising is the next evolution of digital advertising. It provides the ability to drive, measure and monetize quality phone calls from consumers to business advertisers. Advertisers pay for the outcome -- phone calls - rather than the media sources from which the phone calls derive. Marchex only charges advertisers for quality calls, which means calls must meet certain criteria, including a minimum duration, no customer service calls, no misdials or telemarketing calls.

In addition to the valuable local search application for consumers, Marchex is providing mobile carriers with the ability to take this application under their own brand and customize it for their unique customer base. Using the Free411 mobile application from Marches not only gives mobile carriers an important touch point with their customers, but also offers an additional revenue opportunity since the application is ad-supported through Pay For Call advertisements.

Marchex's Free411 local search application allows mobile carriers the following:

  • Ability to deliver a high quality and innovative local search mobile application to their customers, under their brand.
  • Customizable to allow mobile carriers to add, remove or adjust the application features to fit the device and offerings for that mobile carrier.
  • Key touch-point with their customers to directly engage and provide as much of the consumer experience as possible, rather than cede this to competitors.
  • Ability to access the same valuable information on feature phones in a variety of ways, to best meet consumer needs and preferences.
  • An incremental revenue opportunity generated through performance-based advertising, Pay For Call.

"With our local search mobile application, Marchex is providing mobile carriers the ability to offer their customers a high quality local search experience, while generating new revenue from Marchex's digital call advertising platform," added Diefendorf.

About Marchex:

Marchex's mission is to unlock local commerce globally by helping advertisers reach customers through the phone when they are ready to buy.

Our performance-based call advertising products, Marchex Call Connect and Marchex Call Analytics, are reinventing how businesses acquire and upsell new customers through phone calls. Our award-winning Small Business Solutions products empower businesses to efficiently monitor their online presence, communicate with their customers, and acquire new ones. Every day, our products support hundreds of thousands of advertisers and partners, ranging from global enterprises to local businesses.

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