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Marchex Launches Breakthrough Analytics Product to Solve $4 Billion Blind Spot in Mobile Advertising

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 5, 2015-- Marchex, Inc. (NASDAQ:MCHX), a mobile advertising technology company, today introduced Marchex Call Analytics for Search, the newest addition to its mobile ad measurement platform. For the first time, enterprise-level marketers will be able to track and measure which keywords drive sales from millions of mobile consumers who call businesses directly from click-to-call ads on their smartphones -- and then improve campaigns in real time based on the data.

Time Warner Cable and Allconnect are among Marchex’s initial customers for the product. Mobile phone calls from consumers to businesses are growing with the rapid adoption of smartphones and are a highly-prized lead source for advertisers.

The launch of Call Analytics for Search closes a massive attribution gap for marketers who spent $4 billion in 2014 to drive phone calls through click-to-call ads -- yet had zero visibility into which keywords produced these valuable calls from consumers, according to a new white paper called “The $4 Billion Blind Spot” by the Marchex Institute, the research and insights team at Marchex.

Marchex’s new technology gives enterprise-level advertisers:

  • 100% keyword attribution from all phone calls driven from mobile search.
  • Real-time conversion data using Marchex Call DNA technology to identify those calls that are most likely to convert into sales.
  • Automated setup and synchronization with leading bid-management platforms, such as DoubleClick, Kenshoo and Marin, which allows search marketers to measure and improve campaigns accurately in real time.

For Allconnect, a company that offers customers a convenient single source to compare and connect integrated media, broadband, home protection, energy and green products, Call Analytics for Search boosted gross profit for click-to-call campaigns by 50% and decreased its cost-per-acquisition by 43%, said Brad Roberts, Vice President of Digital Marketing & eCommerce at Allconnect.

“The real-time data really boosted our results and showed us where we had untapped opportunities,” Roberts said. “No other product on the market has been able to optimize our results in this way. As a company that is constantly looking for innovative technology to enhance our business, we are really excited to see that this product is moving to the next stage.”

The Marchex Institute also found that click-to-call ads represent 60% of all calls to businesses from mobile search, yet no products on the market have offered insights into which keywords drive over-the-phone sales. Existing products have only provided keyword attribution for calls coming from mobile landing pages, which make up just 40% of total call volume, the findings showed.

The sheer magnitude of the $4 billion blind spot is what inspired Adarsh Nair, Marchex’s Senior Director of Product and Engineering, and his team of search marketing experts to create Call Analytics for Search. In a blog post published today, Nair detailed the journey to build a product that would not only deliver keyword attribution for mobile landing pages and click-to-call ads, but would also understand the consumer intent of each conversation.

“Advertisers have been pouring billions of dollars into click-to-call ads without 100% measurement of which keywords produce phone calls and which ones don’t,” Nair said. “That kind of waste is unconscionable and we are determined to put an end to it.”

Nair will be a featured speaker on a webcast today on mobile search called “Turn Mobile Search Ads into Converted Calls – and New Business – in 2015” at 1 p.m. PT. Register for it here.

About Marchex

Marchex is a mobile advertising technology company. The company provides a suite of products and services for businesses that depend on consumer phone calls to drive sales. Marchex’s mobile advertising platform delivers new customer phone calls to businesses, while its technology analyzes the data in these calls to help maximize ad campaign results. Marchex disrupts traditional advertising models by giving businesses full transparency into their ad campaign performance and charging them based on new customer acquisition.

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